Vivien Yap: Someone Else to Yield

Vivien Yap: Someone Else to Yield

Muscle Memory


When a human flexes his arm inwards,

one muscle hardens,

one muscle yields.


The meeting has ended, I have not said a word.

“Looking forward to working with you boys.”

Smile / Shake / Firm

“Bye bye!”

Stoop / Wave / Pet


When a human reaches for his phone,

one muscle pulls, another follows.

Fingers extend outwards from the forearm.


I have his attention, limbs uncurl with a chance.

A seed. Encased in a private message.

A ransom. A photo of me.

“Put this on for me when we meet?”

Thursday, a work meeting.


When a human extends his arms outwards,

one muscle hardens,

one muscle yields.

Another pulls,

for one to follow.

From handshake to elbow to-

My swollen silence allows for

Grip / Graze / Squeeze.


When he reaches out,

I think of science,

I think of you.

Intimacy / Power / Relief


For when a human flexes his arm,

he hardens,

for someone else to yield.

Vivien Yap is an aspiring writer and poet from Singapore. Growing up with loud thoughts in a quiet girl, Vivien’s poems have had to bear the brunt of her suppressed youth. Her style ricochets between loud, angry precipitations of her thoughts and fluffy, day-dreams of love and heartbreak. Vivien’s debut book ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ is now available for purchase online. On days when she’s not writing poems, Vivien is also a singer-songwriter and is also working on her debut EP to be released in 2019. Website.